November 2017 monthly update

It’s here! Time for the first monthly update of numbers!

With some thought, I’ve come up with the following items that I’ll track every month:

  •  Percentage of savings goal attained
  • Current dividend yield
  • Percentage of annual dividend goal attained

You’ll notice that there are no real hard numbers here.  The reasons for this are many.  Everyone’s path is different, your savings goal is different than mine; your annual income goal is different than mine.  The final destination might be somewhat irrelevant, it’s the journey that matters.

Eventually, I might hope to share this blog with friends or family, to share what I’m learning and what I’ve learned and to help them towards whatever financial goals they may have.  While I’m comfortable sharing the nitty gritty details with strangers on the internet, I’m not sure I’m quite as comfortable sharing those details with those who are a part of my life.

I’ve started with the annual passive income goal I’d like to achieve, calculated a conservative, acheivable yield and thus determined the amount we need to save to get there.

Formula = Savings x Yield = Annual Income

Right now our entire portfolio lives all over the place; real estate crowdfunding, two taxable accounts, a Roth IRA, a Rollover IRA and two 401ks.

It’s not so easy to track the yield of various funds in the 401ks, so here’s what the numbers now actually represent currently:

Savings:  Total of all savings as a percentage of the total goal
Dividend Yield: Current yield of all tracked holdings (everything minus 401ks, currently)
Annual Income: Expected dividends from all holdings as a percentage of the overall goal (minus 401ks, currently)

On to the numbers!

Savings % = 24.72%
Dividend Yield = 2.45%
Annual Income = 13.60%

Hopefully soon I’ll be more on the ball with calculating yields and expected dividends on the 401ks, and the numbers will be a more accurate representation of where we’re at on our path to retirement.


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