What to track every month?

There are lots of numbers and figures one could track related to personal finance.

Some bloggers provide a net worth update, some an update on dividends received and projected annual dividends, some an update of changes in holdings.

Usually this is somehow related to their specific goals and provides a way for their readers to follow along with their progress at home.

What are my goals?

That’s definitely something I haven’t specifically nailed down yet.  I know one day I want to retire and have enough money to do so comfortably.  How exactly that will look is still being worked out in my mind (and you get to come along for the ride!)

Dividends are King!

I do know that ideally I’d like to have enough invested to generate enough in dividends to provide for a comfortable living for me and Mrs Benjamins.  So, for now, in some fashion, that’s the goal.

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