July 2018 monthly update

The bull market keeps pushing on, with the S&P returning 3.60% for the month.  I’m starting to think we’re getting a little spoiled, no?  For the month, I purchased some shares in Invesco as well as continued weekly purchases using the M1 Finance platform (more on that soon!)

Here are updated account numbers as of July 31, 2018

Formula = Savings x Yield = Annual Income

Savings:  Total of all savings as a percentage of the total goal
Dividend Yield: Current yield of all tracked holdings
Annual Income: Expected dividends from all holdings as a percentage of the overall goal

On to the numbers!

Savings Goal = 30.25% (+1.01%)
Dividend Yield = 3.31%
Annual Income  Goal = 31.08% (+0.60%)

Overall, our savings increased 3.46% for the month.

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